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Trying to fing job in model or cinema business

(LauraStalk, 2019.07.12 04:34)

My name is Jenny.
I trying to find job in model or cinema business.

If you have any offers for me, please <a href=>contact me</a>

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Stairs and fences made of spyglass, wood, metal

(Bamon Stync, 2019.06.23 05:03)

the sale Price starts from 5,000 rubles and depends primarily on the type of construction and complexity, as well as the amount of work. Look at the following options and rates. If You need advice, would like to order the departure of the measurer or free calculation of the cost, leave a request on the website or call now! We work in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Moscow and in all cities of the North-West region. All our installation teams are employees with experience of 6 years and citizenship of the Russian Federation. Our experts will be able to make and install protections of ladders in the shortest possible time. Glass <a href=>railings stairs</a> can create a sense of space. Such stair railings are relevant in modern design: in hi-Tech style, in minimalism, in the classical style of the room design. Glass on the stair case universal by themselves. Glass and metal structures are easier to keep clean. That is why such structures are equally successfully used in residential buildings and in offices and shopping malls. But the most popular and appropriate glass railings stairs in places with a large number of visitors. Such a fence is a structure with metal racks and stainless steel rods (rail) filling the stair railing in parallel with several rows, mounted with a handrail. It is quite an economical option for fencing of stairs. Installation of such a structure is possible even at the stage of finishing the building. We are able to perform for You on the stair with rail filling in an exclusive version and, on request You can order typical fencing project, characterized of a very affordable cost. These fences are also a metal rack on which the fasteners of the glass. Such fences can be made of any shape or size. High-class experts will decorate Your stair railing with any of the vast variety of options for decorative glass processing. Such stair railings will organically fit into any architectural project, whether it is a terrace of a glamorous restaurant or a cozy balcony of a residential house or a strict building of a business center. At the same time, will not violate its integrity. And most importantly, the fence stairs – perfectly reliable and functional

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Познавательная фотосессия

(JasonExess, 2019.05.26 08:32)

Привет всем участникам форума!
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